Monday, December 15, 2008

Helpful Addiction - Magazine Junkie Finds Great Holiday Decor!

I have outdone myself! What started out as an interest in magazines (bridal mostly), has become overwhelming in the sheer volume of magazines I receive. It seems that many of them are catalogs of sorts from various online vendors that I have ordered from, so not really a magazine, but I still peruse through them from time to time and feel the need to hoard them as if the products will disappear if I recycle the little gem. Hoarding or my need to hang on to every piece of paper I receive is another issue entirely, but is probably the root of why I am so overwhelmed by magazines lately.

Anyhow, recently I started subscribing (again, after a short lapse in letting my subscription run out) to Coastal Living magazine.

I bring this up because of my close proximity to the ocean and the sheer volume of beach wedding us Floridian planners have the opportunity to assist with. This holiday season, I have found great inspiration in the Coastal Magazine December issue. Planning a wedding is a great feat, but a holiday wedding is a completely different ballgame and inspiration for a Floridian beach holiday wedding is a challenge. So I am grateful to my freakishly large collection of magazines come these great challenges, and most recently to Coastal Living magazine as their stylish, chic, and not kitchy or tacky warm weather holiday decor is just what I was looking for. Here are some photos from the December issue. Hope you find them as inspirational as I did!

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