Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Escort Cards and Displays Gone Wild!

Almost every wedding we do the bride has chosen to have assigned table numbers, and what a blessing it is. One of my favorite things is setting up the display for the escort cards. This element of the wedding is an opportunity to tie in a theme, color scheme, or pay homage to a heritage, tradition or just a common interest or hobby. In Florida, the beach is a very common theme and it's beauty is second to none. Here are a few very simple, elegant, and some fun ways to display escort cards with a beachy, airy, and clean feel to them.

Let's not forget about the actual table numbers! Gone are the days of pre-printed numbers!

And my personal FAV...

Have fun ladies!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Check out this FUN Save the Date!

These save-the-date cards convey their message in lighthearted ways. Clockwise from top left: A calendar from a stationer starts at the wedding month and is tied with red waxed twine to a precut custom-stamped card; the wedding date is circled in red. Slip into a photo booth and come out with adorable images for your cards; have the photo strip reproduced at a copy shop onto card stock, and then fold and cut into a narrow card containing basic information. To make a save-the-date magnet, design your message on a computer, and print onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch magnetic sheets (available from office- supply stores) using an ink-jet printer; cut out. A schoolgirl may have dreamed of her wedding day as she practiced writing a married name on lined notebook paper; re-create those doodles, then photocopy onto vellum and cut to size; include a white paper background to make the words stand out. Make reminder stickers for guests to affix to calendars: Buy sheets of adhesive paper; print stickers on a computer, cut to size, and attach them to the save-the-date cards using store-bought adhesive dots.

I Heart Martha :)