Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beautiful Bride - 10 tips on looking your best!

Your look on the day of your wedding will be memorialized in your wedding photos forever. Therefore, it is so important to plan your "bridal look" well in advance of the big day. And it is so important that you stay true to yourself and not create a look that people don't identify you with. If you are a person that does not wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis then you don't need to look like a rodeo clown on your wedding day. In fact, even if you do wear a lot of make-up, consider toning it down a bit and consult with a make-up artist to create a clean,classic look that will transcend decades and I guarantee that you will love the result. Consider these tips when you are planning your wedding day make-up:

1. Consult with a professional make-up artist. Find someone reputable and make sure you see their work and it is cohesive with what you are envisioning for your bridal look.

2. Make several appointments with your esthetician the months leading up to your big day to prepare your skin. A good three months prior should do the trick unless you have more serious skin issues such as acne, rosacea, etc.

3. Use makeup that will withstand the day and eliminate several trips to the restroom to freshen up - you don't want to spend the day worrying about your make-up! The day goes by fast as it is, no need to worry about such things.

Mascara - Use waterproof mascara!

Lipstick - work with your make-up artist to find a shade that is neutral and still packs a little punch of color. Don't forget to use lipstick liner so that your lipstick doesn't feather and it will help it last longer.

Eyes- you have several options for eyes. Some brides like a dramatic look - and eyes really can be played up nicely for this effect. Or you can go with a more natural, fresh, and youthful look. Check out these two very different and very beautiful styles...

Dramatic eyes as seen here from Josie Miller.

A more natural wedding day look as seen here by South Beach Mobile Make-Up Studio.

Foundation and Powder - I am in love with some of the more natural and organic products available today that will not clog pores or harm your skin (after all you've spent months getting facials to purify your skin of the toxins in some today's beauty products!). Here are a few that fit the beauty bill and are actually good for your skin!

Origins Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 - from Organic Wear Make-Up

Physicians Formula - Mineral Wear Talc Free Bronzing Veil. This ultra lightweight powder is the finishing touch to your makeup and absorbs shine. The handy dandy brush distributes the powder and makes life sooo much easier! We love it!

4. Get your brows done! - This can be done several days before the wedding so that any puffiness or redness is long gone before the wedding day. Make sure you go to a pro who knows how to correctly sculpt your brows, this may even be the esthetician you've been seeing!

5. Have a spa day - and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure! Try and avoid bright bold colors an try and use more natural hues or a french manicure. This is a fun thing to do the day before the wedding with all your bridesmaids!

6. Use a good moisturizer and make sure your skin has that perfect glow and radiance. Some wonderful products to start using long before the wedding day to ensure beautiful skin are:

Miessence certified organics intensive body cream.

Organic Pomegranate Nourishing Body Cream by 100% Pure

7. Find a hair style that fits you and your veil. The veil plays a big part in how your hair will be styled on your wedding day. Take into consideration if you will be wearing your veil all day long or just for the ceremony. Some other options if you are going sans veil are fun and beautiful things such...


jeweled combs


8. Beauty is not just for brides! The groom and the men involved in the wedding may enjoy the pampering of a massage, a facial and even a pedicure! Share in the enjoyment of the days leading up the wedding by having a couples spa day!

9. Drink LOTS of water!!! Make sure your getting your eight glasses a day and this will help with the radiance of your skin and you will feel full so the need to snack on junk food will diminish considerably!

10. EXERCISE! This will help with your stress level and clear your head as well as benefiting your body. try and get into a routine of 30 minutes of exercise a day or join a local gym and invest in a couple of personal training sessions to maximize your workouts to your specific needs.

All of these things as attainable and if done in the timely manner that they should (start six months before the wedding at least), you should be in great shape for the wedding and your photos will be just as amazing as you have dreamed. Good luck and if you have any great before and after photos to share with us, we would love to see them!