Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marcy Blum{isms}

I have been following Marcy Blum's *hilarious* new blog for a while now and am just catching up on the last month of blog posts. I particularly enjoyed this one about rehearsal dinners. I have a lot of the same thoughts on this topic and in a nutshell, here are her points:

1. I really do think that if you invite guests from far away to your wedding, you do need to invite them to some sort of night before festivities.

2.Assign someone to M.C. the dinner...Now, of course it helps if the M.C. is witty and charming (and Marcy always thinks it’s a good job for someone who is feeling a little left out.

3. ...they are even more fun if you create a theme or even just a dress code for them that is lighthearted.

4. Pay attention to the seating- whether you want to mix it up so that people are forced to make new friends.

5. Lastly, if the pre-wedding dinner guest list is small, you might decide to treat yourselves and your guests to some extravagances you might not consider for a large wedding

you can read the entire article here Wedhead waxes about rehearsal dinners..., and follow Marcy's blog here!

*On a side note, I had the opportunity to see Marcy Blum speak at Engage 08! Wedding Symposium and she is super down to Earth and a wealth of information and knowledge about weddings. She is speaking at the next Engage Symposium at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel in October and if you are a wedding professional, you should check that out here. It is quite an investment, but well worth it!

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